Hitchhiking through South America

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.”

Henry David Thoreau

The project

Our missions

World stories - Highlighting the value of diversity

Thanks to a collection of video testimonies from men and women we will meet along the way, we aim to show that the world is full of inspiring people, regardless of their age, culture, sex, religion... For us, it is essential to overcome fear-related barriers and open ourselves to cultural differences.

Travel Diary - Sharing the truth of a journey with nearly no money

We decided to create a series of videos and blog articles to share our experience and show a raw version of our daily routine during this adventure in South America: our joys, our laughs and our happy times... but also our challenges, our fears and our struggles.

A Human and Environmental dimension

Une dimension humaine et environnementale​


An adventure to showcase the value of diversity


A travel experience without money based on exchanges and help


A journey minimizing our environmental impact

The project

Why taking part in such a journey?

The very essence of this project is to raise awareness, share our discoveries, touch people emotionally and encourage them to take actions.

Diversity, whether cultural or natural, is a source of inspiration. The world is full of great individuals with their own, unique and fascinating stories. We really want to use our journey to share these stories.

We wish to encourage people to move towards others, to change certain ways of perceiving the unknown and to make them understand, accept and even appreciate the differences that constitute the wealth of humanity.

We are convinced that travelling opens eyes and forges minds. We also think that money should not be an obstacle to hit the road. We therefore hope that our videos, photos and articles will inspire and encourage people to dream and dare to make their dreams come true!

The project

Why with almost no money?

Because we have just finished our studies and our bank accounts are quite empty but we still want to leave right away and show that travelling is accessible to everyone!

Because travelling without money means letting go, giving up planning, being in the present moment, facing the unexpected and allowing yourself to be carried away in the the adventure.

Because we seek to experience a simple life, to learn to refocus on essentials and to rethink our approach to consumerism.

Because we really want our trip to be shaped by people we will meet along the way. We want to share life lessons with locals and discover their culture, their thoughts, their way of living…

And mostly because we really want to show that you don’t need a lot of money to pack your backpack and travel.

So don’t waste a minute, apply for the School of the World, learn, discover, explore, enrich yourself with discussions, landscapes, tastes, sensations, feelings, musics and culture!

Why “almost” ?

Because we still chose to buy some equipment, get a travel insurance and make some vaccinations before we leave.

And because in order to make it easier for us to sail across the Atlantic, we decided to start our adventure without money only once we reached the South American continent. We therefore planned to share the boardcash with our captains and spend a little bit during our stops, to adapt ourselves to the rest of the crew and hitchkike a boat more peacefully in the Caribbean.

The project

How ?

We are not planning on jumping from one touristic place to another. We want to meet local communities to discover the world with a different perspective. 

We plan on walking, hitchhiking, sleeping in local’s house and exchanging services because the whole project is based on mutual help.. We will try not to use any money but our minds, our bodies and most of all… our time! 

Our adventure will also be marked by volunteering stays in farms, youth hostels… in order to take the time to soak up some places.

The project

Who are we ?

We are two travel lovers seeking for encounters, simplicity and adventures. Marine just finished her studies and Edouard left his job to hit the roads of South America.

Obviously we could have gone by plane but we found the idea of crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat much more exciting !

Edouard - A Sense of Adventure

Here is Edouard, he is 24 and grew up in Bordeaux.

He just finished a master in Strategic Management in Warsaw, and worked for about a year as a communication assistant.

He tries to enjoy life as much as possible. He always wants to be active and is eager to discover new places and meet new people… and above all, he wants to share !



Here is Marine, she is 24 and grew up in the Pyrenees.

She really intends to participate in making things move toward a better world. She has just finished her master’s degree in Hospitality Management with a specialization in social entrepreneurship.

She is super energetic, very curious and motivated for everything. She smiles a lot and has the ability to be amazed by simple little things in life.


Marine - A Sense of Adventure
  • WORLD STORIES #7 - Ed, United States

New live portrait, the story of Ed who we met in Guamal, Colombia when we were teaching english to local kids : https://bit.ly/2XjPnOW «It was in Christmas 2000, I was having troubles with the board of directors of the NGO I was working with and I realized I did not have to do this anymore. Everything I owned was paid for, I could do whatever I wanted to do. 
So one day I woke up and I decided to leave. I have had a very nice and interesting first 50 years and I wanted to share my experience with other people...» Check the full article on our website :)
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We met Kerry during our first volunteering in Ecuador. He bought his farm 3 years ago and wants to demonstrate that a model of sustainable agriculture which does not depend on chemicals or pesticides is possible. 
Take a look at our website to get more information and nice photos ! :) https://bit.ly/2FyqPXQ
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  • TRAVEL DIARIES #5 - TRANSATLANTIC - FROM LA GOMERA TO MARTINIQUE « "The great adventure begins! Are you afraid? No but I have a weird feeling in my belly…" Groceries are made, the boat is ready, we can set sails for the Caribbean! La Gomera is gently fading away as we set our course toward the West. Few hours pass and we eventually find ourselves surrounded by water… Next time we will see the land will be in 3 weeks, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.» Here is the 5th video of our Travel Diaries serie ! Have a look to the full blog article on our website https://bit.ly/2L0JNtN :) Kisses from Ecuador! 💃☀ :D .
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  • WORLD STORIES #5 - Albert, SPAIN

New live portrait, the story of Albert who we met in Grenada while trying to reach Colombia hitchhiking on sailing boats : https://bit.ly/2X2Zfvx «When I got 19, I was tired of working in Spain. I really wanted to leave, away from Barcelone. I looked for a cheap plane ticket, I took my backpack et I went to work in Norway. I arrived alone in Oslo. I took a bus for Bergen and I easily found a job. 
There, I met many travellers. They were working to get enough money to go travel again ! It hit me ! I wanted my life to look like this as well : work to be able to travel but not too much to not feel like I am wasting my time !

Now, I want to see everything, to know everything. And more than anything, I want to meet people. It’s the most important. It’s what makes a trip amazing. You meet locals, they can share with you about their country, their region… You discover new mindsets… It’s just magical ! And you can do this everywhere in the world !»
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  • TRAVEL DIARIES #4 - TRANSATLANTIC - FROM TENERIFE TO LA GOMERA « "Is this a boat that light over there? Wait but there are 2… and even 3… lannnnnnnd in sight ». If there is one thing that marked me during these 4 months in the sailing world, it’s the arrivals. When you just spent several days at sea, seeing the land truly becomes a magical moment!...» Here is the 4th video of our Travel Diaries serie ! Have a look on our website https://bit.ly/2JOKQfD to read the rest of the article :)
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New live portrait, the story of Judith who we met in Grenada while trying to reach Colombia on sailing boats : https://bit.ly/2JJTgF5 « I went to a theatre and dance high school but after one year I was already wondering what I was doing here. I wanted this to end, I wanted to leave… I was sitting on a chair all day long listening at teachers without learning much.

And everyone was asking « What do you want to do after high school Judith? What are you going to study ? ». I just knew I wanted to take a gap year !

When I finished I was 18 years old and with Albert we decided to find a cheap flight and go without a return ticket. We arrived in Guadeloupe where we stopped for some time. Then, we decided to hitchhike a boat to go to Martinique. We almost stayed a month there and we hitchhiked another boat to go to Grenada. And now we are looking for a captain who could take us to Central or South America.

This is what I love about traveling. You really live in the present. Everyday you can decide what you want to do : « Ok well… today I want to visit the island, or : today I want to stay on the beach doing nothing, or : today I will look for a boat to go to Panama…». You do whatever you want with your life. This is freedom !

And it is crazy because everyone tells you that you should study to learn things. But I feel like I am learning much more since I started travelling.»
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